What is Twiducate?


Twiducate is a social networking site that provides a private micro-blogging service specifically for schools and teachers.
Similar to twitter, with a few distinct differences ...

• Teachers can create a private closed system to network with their class.
• The teacher can moderate all posts and remove any if unwanted.

Why Use Twiducate?

One of the "big" ideas underpinning e-Learning pedagogy (as I understand it), is that kids learn and communicate using social media. As Joan Dalton says, "I learn with and through my friends" (collective intelligence). Twiducate is a tool that has the potential to encourage this kind of collaboration.

What are the features of Twiducate?

Some other features include ...

• Teachers can "pin" their posts to keep them at the top of the timeline.
• Teachers can share relevant links with students in the "bookmarks" section.
• Students can upload their own avatars to identify their "accounts".
• Teachers can also open and operate multiple classes on one account.
• Check out the "public" button for questions / comments.

The teacher sets up the account (it's free) and then adds the class to the account. Each student receives a generated password to access the account.

Here is a useful video that explains twiducate.

How can you use twiducate in the classroom?

Some suggestions ...

• Sharing weekly homelearning tasks with your class.
• Groups of students can collaborate on tasks sharing ideas.
• Whole class brainstorming sessions.
• Publishing work

The chat facility is a great feature that allows students, who may not readily share their ideas in a whole class discussion, to participate and contribute their opinions and ideas in a less threatening environment.

Here also is an example of students using the chat feature to discuss aspects of their homelearning.


Click on the link below for some more excellent ideas ...

Twiducate in the Classroom

One of the limitations of twiducate (at the moment) is that you can't private message an individual student. I was hoping to use this option to offer feedback / feedforward on students work. I'm told by the developers that such an feature is already in the pipeline.