What are scribble maps?

As the name says, it allows you to "scribble" on google maps.


You don't need an account to get started.
Scribble Maps embed into wikis and blogs.
If you have problems embedding a map into a blog (eg kidblog.org), try changing your browser.

This is a way cool tool that my current class is enjoying exploring.

Some features ...

• Place markers that allow you to annotate parts of a map. You can also upload pictures.
• You can draw lines on a map to show direction or trace a journey.
• Many more we haven't yet tried!

How can we use scribblemaps in the classroom?

Some suggestions ...

To summarise a plot in a novel

Here is an example, this student used the map to locate various places from his novel. He then summarised the events that occurred at each location.

Virtual Autobiographies

Here is an example, this student located various places of significance for him, and then annotated each place with a marker.

Class map

Here is an example, our class plotted where we were born. This is a great way to introduce discussion around cultural differences amongst class members. Over half of my class were born overseas.

What about posing other different types of questions that utilise this kind of data.
Can you work out what percentage of our class were born overseas?

Why not plan a whole unit around showcasing and interpreting data in this way?

To my mind, this makes learning personal, authentic, relevant and FUN!