What is Dropbox?

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Use in the classroom

My class has been using dropbox since the start of the year (2011). I set up a class account and my students were given the login details. In the account itself, I created 32 individual folders, one for each student. All students need to do is log in and "drop" their work into their folder. Dropbox automatically syncs (very quickly) with my laptop and I can open a student's folder on my laptop and "retrieve" their work. A pop up message advises when new work is posted.

To get started all you need to do is download the application and set up your account - easy.
It's free and you get 2GB of data storage.

Students use dropbox to ...

• post any homelearning
• post any work done in class they want their teacher to look at and offer feedback / feedforward on (ideal in a busy classroom)

Teacher uses dropbox to ...

• post weekly homelearning tasks
• offer feedback / feedforward on learning tasks

Why use Dropbox?

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