What are Digital Books?

Basically books that can be formatted online. Kids can create their own books online and then embed them into their own online publishing spaces

There are many different types of online digital books.

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My students have all had success creating books online using www.tikatok.com
You will need to create an account before you begin (it's free)

Tikatok allows educators to set up a single account and assign each of their students to this account. This is fine if you
are intending to use the website to create books, but it won't allow you to share them through embedding etc.

In order to allow students to share their books via their online publishing spaces, you will need them to create their own
separate accounts. By law, students need to be 13 years or older in order to do this. If you teach primary students you
will need parental permission.

The website itself is geared mainly towards younger students, although having said that, my Yr 8 students really enjoyed
publishing some of their poetry using this format.

How can you use digital books in the classroom?

Here are a couple of examples of published poetry books ...

• Students can upload their own artwork to the book.
• Students can create their own word mosaics and upload these to their books as well.