What is an avatar?

An avatar is basically a digital representation of oneself.

There are many different types of avatars you can make ...

Marvel.png My_Avatar_Editor.png dopplel_me.png Weeworld.png

Weeworld has been a favourite with my students.

They have really enjoyed identifying their own characteristics and then representing themselves in digital form.

Here are a few my class have created ...


How do you make a weemee avatar?

Here is the website to use ...


Once you have created you weemee, the next step is to make it talk.

Here is the website to use ...


You will need to create your own account to get started (it's free)


Here is a tutorial some of my students have made to help you make a talking weemee (blabber)

Once you have created your talking avatar (blabber), you can share it by copying the embed code and pasting it into your blog or wiki.

How can you use talking avatars in the classroom?

A few suggestions ...

• Oral presentations
• Biographies of historical figures
• Character Descriptions
• Student Voice

Here is an example of a character description from a novel study

Why not get your students to use their talking avatars to self reflect on a piece of work?

First of all 'What is an avatar?'

An avatar is a computer user’s representation of himself or herself.